Asian Holocaust by Japan? - A Message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.09.25 Sunday
  • 14:43

Dear Mr. Dennis Prager,


Holocaust is a major crime committed by a monster.  Comparing something to Holocaust is, therefore, not a small thing.  It has especially grave meaning for those who share familial ties with those who were slaughtered, that is Jews.


By saying that during WWII there was another Holocaust in Asia that was committed by Japan, you are doing very thing that you denounce all the time.  That is, cheapening the magnitude of Holocaust.  And, you are, as a Jew yourself, cheapening Nazi crime against humanity.


Nazi act of war was not a crime.  Nazi act of "murdering Jews" was the crime.  And, that was a horrendous crime.  Anybody who denies existing of holocaust is a part of the crime.  Anybody who cheapens its criminality by comparing it with miniscule wrong-doing or non-existing event is also a part of the crime.  Person who compares Israel to Nazi is a part of the crime.   Person who says barbecue is a kind of holocaust is a part of the crime.  I denounce all these crimes.


Therefore, I hereby would like to challenge you that you must prove what you said yourself on the air - "Japan did its holocaust in Asia".  As a Jew yourself, it is your morale responsibility to prove your allegation that we Japanese did something comparable to what Nazi did to your brothers and sisters, not only interviewing some obscure writers and citing some dubious journalists.  You, yourself, as an heir of Judaism must make complete case against us with historically proven rock solid evidences.  Or, you take it back. 


Otherwise, you are cheapening the deaths of 6 million of your families.  You are disgracing your own heritage.  As a friend of Israel who visited this honorable country three times and also as a Japanese, I cannot turn blind eyes to your comment.


You renounce your comment on air to the millions of your listeners within a week upon receipt of this message, or I will begin to send out message about your act of holocaust denial (denial of its significance) to various Jewish organization and Christian Zionist organization all over the world.


For your reference, I would like to urge you to read a column written by a conservative Japanese commentator as attached.  After issuance, he received a lot of comments.  A lot of bad-mouths, but non of the concrete, substantial, direct rebuttal.


While your act of crossing the line saddens me gravely, I always admire your deep wisdom and clarity.  Thank you for your service and God bless.



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The Use and Abuse of the Past By Hideaki Kase


The Use and Abuse of the Past By Hideaki Kase Newsweek International History is a hot topic in Japan these days, with the country's wartime behavior returning to haunt its citizens. Many Japanese are dismayed by the possibility that the U.S. House of Representatives will soon demand a formal apology from Tokyo for the imperial military's alleged use of "comfort women," or sex slaves, during World War II. This talk has taken the Japanese government by surprise, especially given its unprecedented support for Washington in Iraq and the war onterrorism.


The world can't comprehend why Japan is reluctant to say sorry once more. But most Japanese can't understand why issues like the comfort women or the Nanking Massacre have resurfaced at all. Since World War II, the country has abided by the pacifism forced on it by the U.S. occupation. To promote such peacefulness, the Japanese media and intellectuals created an image of Japan as a warlike place that had to be prevented from rearming at all costs. To heighten the danger, the media also exaggerated or even invented wretched acts supposedly committed by Japan's imperial forces.


In the first years after the nation's surrender in 1945, many of its citizens found this imposed meekness hard to take. In 1952, for example, the Diet unanimously called for the men convicted by the Allied war-criminal trials to be treated the same as those honorably killed or injured on the battlefield. Half of Japan's then population signed petitions calling for the immediate release of incarcerated war criminals, and the major political parties of the day refused to accept any war guilt.


By the 1970s, however, this resistance began to diminish as memories of the war faded and the economy began to boom. Intoxicated by its unprecedented affluence, Japan was willing to ask forgiveness of its neighbors if this proved good for business. In 1993, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono apologized for Japan's having coerced women into prostitution during the war. Three years later, on the 50th anniversary of Japan's surrender, the Socialist Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama acknowledged that Japanese aggression during the war had caused "tremendous damage and suffering" to many Asian countries.


In recent years, however, long-dormant nationalism has begun to rise again due to several factors. First, during the economic slump that extended into the early part of this decade, the benefits of apologizing became less clear. Second, the conservative prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is 53, and the bulk of his cabinet and aides are in their 40s and 50s. Most don't understand why they should do penance for events that occurred before they were born.


Japanese nationalism has also been revived by China's alarming military buildup and North Korea's nascent nuclear threat. And it has spiked in response to the way Japan's neighbors seem to be exploiting bad history for present gain. Seoul did not even raise the comfort-women issue, for example, when it normalized relations with Tokyo in 1965; it was Japanese leftists who finally broached the topic in the 1980s.  The fact is that the brothels were commercial establishments. U.S. Army records explicitly declare that the comfort women were prostitutes, and found no instances of "kidnapping" by the Japanese authorities. It's also worth noting that some 40 percent of these women were of Japanese origin.


Many Japanese politicians have also come to believe that the Nanking Massacre was a fabrication of the Chinese, who are using it to pressure Japan into granting concessions in other areas. More than 60 Diet members conducted several study sessions in February and March. Much evidence disproving the massacre was presented; for example, although the Chinese Nationalist Ministry of Information conducted more than 300 press conferences over 11 months after the fall of Nanking, it never breathed a word about any massacre. Nor did Chiang Kai-shek or Mao Zedong refer to it in statements on the first anniversary of the war.


Diet members are now forming a new caucus to study the facts. Whatever they find, further apologies are unlikely. The country's attitude has changed dramatically since the 1970s. In recent decades, for example, many Japanese history textbooks blamed Japanese forces for massacring 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese civilians in Nanking. Only one textbook mentions such events today. Saluting the rising-sun flag and singing the national anthem (the title of which translates as "Your Noble Reign") have become mandatory in public schools. These are small but telling signs of how Japan's sentiments have changed. The country is eager to resume its place in the world as a normal nation, with a normal defense and foreign policy. The harder its neighbors or the United States push it for apologies, the harder Japan may start pushing back.


Kase is a historian and author who served as an adviser to Prime Ministers Takeo Fukuda and Yasuhiro Nakasone.


© 2007 Newsweek, Inc.

Rape of Nanking? - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.09.07 Wednesday
  • 22:20

Dear Dennis,


Re:Prager 20110830-1 Dropping the Bomb


I think you responded to my messages on July 10 - 14 in quite a roundabout way.  I refuted your allegation that Nazi Germany and Japan were morally equal and that Japan still hasn't dealt with its past crime and so forth. 


This time, picking an obscure little known Aussie monk - who doesn't even appear on Wikipedia - a College teacher who claims to know a bit of history as a guest, you made again the same allegation against Japan and then strongly justified the dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  You and the Aussie explained that the bombings expedited the end of war and lessened the number of casualties.


I admire your legitimate efforts to uphold the history of your own country - the USA. That's a good thing and that is exactly I think what we need to learn from you.


But, let me tell you this.  No matter how you build up logic behind the Nuking of our cities, it doesn't change the fact that it targeted civilians.  Whether it lessened the number of casualty on your side or our side, it is still an intended killing of unarmed civilians, therefore doesn't give the act any legitimacy at all.  If you think you can legitimatize the civilian killing as a mean of ending a war quickly, why not carpet bombing a population center with toxic gas like Saddam did to the Kurds?


Also, in addition to picking such a minor person, you picked a miserable book called "Rape of Nanking" authored by a miserable woman named Iris Chang who shot herself to death for some reason.  This book is very famous for its nature of being a fake.  This book is consisted of false information, mistaken chronology, outright lie, fabricated evidence and manipulated photos.  Iris Chang's propagandist work was funded by Red China through some of hard left organizations.  At that moment, you - together with this Aussie monk - compromised your intellectual standing to a level of 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  What a shame to hear a sheer stupidity coming out of a wise man such as yourself.


You said Japan uses status as victim of Nuk attack to fool others whereas Germany does not have such status.  How ridiculous is that?  They have status to use as victim.  They were divided for more than 50 years.  But, they apologized.  And, their apology is for killing Jews, Not for waging war.  Waging war is a national right for every country, and it is stupid to say waging war is a crime.


This is my suggestion.  Why don't you ask Jonah Goldberg to take up this issue and write a book on "Japan's hidden atrocious history" which is comparable to "Liberal Fascism" in depth and volume?  Or Ann Coulter?  Or Charles Krauthammer?  Or Glenn Beck?  Or why don't you do it yourself?  Then, I will be the first one to buy the book in Amazon Kindle Store.  I would reserve the purchasing now.  Or it's maybe worth while for you to consider why prominent writers don't take up this matter. 


By the way, your show is great no matter what.  You are giving me wisdom that is vital in understanding life.  In despite the differences of opinion on this particular issue, I cannot thank you enough for what you do.  God Bless.

Fallacy of Equalizing Japan and Nazi Germany - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.14 Thursday
  • 21:55

Dear Dennis,


Your show is great, because you choose important topics and you comment on each topic with wisdom and moral clarity.


Your comment on June 30, hour two, however, struck my nerve so hard, that I need to add one more P.S.


You equalize Japan with Nazi Germany. You say Germans have dealt with their past and learned what they learned and grew up to be a better people.  You say Japanese hasn't. 


War is a killing business.   But, it is not a crime.  International law says, in a war, the fighting country must make its soldiers wear distinguishable uniform and hang guns outside (not hidden inside).  The purpose of the law is to get soldiers distinguished from civilians, thereby enabling its enemy to recognize soldiers and avoid shooting civilians.


Mixing with civilians in plain clothes and shooting from among them either in order to make it difficult morally for its enemy to shoot back or to deliberately make civilian casualty on their side to demonize its enemy is illegal.  This is, by the way, the tactic used by Palestinians against Israel.


1) Killing a person, no matter what the victim's occupation is, in peace time is called Murder.  Murder is illegal and a crime.


2) Killing soldiers in a war is called an Act of War.  It's a nation's right to wage a war. 


3) Killing civilians in a war by mistake is called Civilian Casualty and it's a tragedy, but not a crime. 


4) Killing civilians in a war by design (= intentionally) is called Atrocity and it's tragic, illegal and crime.


I hope a wise person such as Dennis Prager can distinguish the above four.


Nazi Germany's crime is Holocaust.  Holocaust was a program to kill millions of civilians who happened to be of Jewish origin. Holocaust is 1). 


Stalin killed 10,000,000 with his communist policy.  What Stalin did is also 1). 


Japan fought China, US, Brits, Dutch, New Zealander, Australians and Soviets - 2) and could be some 3).  Japan, as you know, were not a rich country at that time, so our treatment of POW could be less accommodating than Ritz Carlton.


Atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Killing 210,000 of civilians.  Done by the United States of America. 


Carpet bombing in Tokyo - Killing 80,000 of civilians in horrendous fire. Done by the United States of America. 


Those were intentional killing of civilians during war time, so should be categorized as 4), therefore should be called Atrocity.


Some Americans reason the act of horrendous crime by saying "It ended the war" or "It helped stop further casualty".  If "Ending a War" is enough reasoning to commit Atrocity, then there is no argument against using all means available, including guerilla warfare, toxic gas and high-jacking, as every country fight, when it's in a war, to end the war.  Therefore, it is a broken logic.


Nazi Germany, USSR, USA committed crime against humanity.  This is the fact the you will never deal with.  I don't expect you to be apologetic about it.  It is your duty, as a patriotic prominent American, to white-wash your history to glorify it.  But, when you go on bashing Japan for its moral standing on the way it waged war during WWII, you are crossing the line.  Especially having such history of committing criminal act as a country, the idea of having temerity to complain to Japan about its handling of history is absurd.  It is more than absurd.  It is an up-side down world.


So, this is what I finally want to say. 


Could you please kindly Stay Out.  Thank You.


Anyway, I appreciate that you are giving out your show for free (US$6/Month for PragerTopia is almost free).  You are giving me so much.  I hope this time I gave a little bit back to you.  I don't intend to be hostile to you.  Your remark struck my nerve just a little bit.  Thank you for your service and God Bless.




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Gen. MacArthur "Japan fought for self-defense" - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.12 Tuesday
  • 22:24

Dear Dennis


On Prager 20110623 -1 Pulling the Ripcord


You cited on your program last week General MacArthur's demand for invading China during Korean War and said it was no good.  I am not sure which side you are on - The idea of going after Red China which was a weaponry warehouse for North Korea was not good or Truman's decision to stop it was no good. 


Anyway, you should have gone deeper and address his motive and reasoning.  We, Japanese, of course, know why he wanted to go after China, because we had been there.  We were fighting communism for our self-defense.


Soon after MacArthur became the de facto ruler of Japan, he realized Japan's position.  He was in our shoes.  Only then, he realized what we felt - tide of danger coming toward the island nation from China and then from US, Brits, Netherlands, etc.. 


That's why MacArthur said what he said in congress as follows.


Senator HICKENLOOPER: Guestion No.5:Isn't your proposal for sea and air blockade of Red China the same strategy by which Americans achieved victory over the Japanese in the Pacific?


General MACARTHUR: Yes,sir.In the Pasific we bypassed them.We closed in. You must understand that Japan had an enormous population of nearly 80 million people,crowded into 4 islands.It was about half a farm population.The other half was engaged in industry.


Potentially the labor pool in Japan,both in quantity and quality,is as good as anything that I have ever known. Some place down the line they have discovered what you might call the dignity of labor, that men are happier when they are working and constructing than when they are idling.


This enormous capacity for work meant that they had to have something to work on.They built the factories, they had the labor,but they didn't have the basic materials.


There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silkworm.


They lack cotton,they lack wool,they lack petoroleum products,they lack tin, they lack rubber,they lack a great many other things, all which was in the Asiatic basin.


They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.



Just for your information. 

Bogus claim of Japan's atrocity - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.11 Monday
  • 00:58

Dear Dennis

In addition to the previous message, I would like to address the whole notion of Japan being evil.


Equalizing Germany and Japan is extremely silly.  It is like equalizing Israel and Syria.  It is common these days to do so everywhere in the world.  I just don't get why American conservative needs to be lowered to that level.


Nazi Germany had a program called "Die Endlösung - Final Solution".  Its purpose was  to annihilate all the Jews in Europe.  Hitler written a book called "Mein Kampf".  It's a blue print of the program.  It is still circulated all around the world and read by all the Jew haters.  It's available in Amazon - kindle version is also there.  The Jew killing ideology was developed into a real program by various experts.  At the UN speech, Bibi Netanyahu showed a copy of minutes from a 1942 meeting at Wannsee Lake in Germany.  Nazi experts formalized plans to kill Jews there.


Nazi Germany did what they did.  So, the evidence is there.  You say you wonder why Japan's similar crime is not frequently discussed.  My answer is this.  Don't be a scummy left.  You know what they do.  The left make up things.  The left fabricate things.  The left lies.  Why do you help them on this issue?


In Japan, those who apologize for Japan's pre-war to war time history are the people like this.   They are Left - they hate their own country.  They also hate Reagan, G.W.Bush, Thatcher, PM Koizumi. They say Israel is The Worst Country in the World.  They hate the word "conservative", because conservatives are war-mongers with no compassion.  On the other hand, they like socialism, communism, being left in general, being "Green", being "Eco", being "For Peace", being "anti-military".  You look up "Michele Bachmann" in Japan, you see direct translation of MSNBC.


Japan did not have any type of "program" to harm anybody, period.  The moment you say what you said, you are among those Lefties.  Please stop it.  It's too damn stupid.


China.  In northern part of China, there was a country called Manchuria.  Established in 1932 and vanished in 1945 when Japan was defeated.  It was an independent country.  Japan helped them gain independence.  Some say it was a Japan's puppet sate.  OK, fine, let's say so, because Japan had a clear military presence there like US has in Iraq.


1934  30,880,000

1937  36,933,000

1945  45,000,000


The figure shows how population grew during Japan's "occupation".  People come where there is prosperity.  Where there is prosperity, there is peace.  Where there is prosperity and peace, there is civil life.


China again, but Nanjing. 


1937 December  200,000

1938 January     250,000

1938 March       270,000

1938 May          277,000


The above number shows how population grew after Japanese troop's entry on 1937 December 13.  Some (like author of "The Rape of Nanking") says Japan massacred 300,000 innocent Chinese.


It's technically impossible to kill 300,000.  The population grew.  There was a lot of foreign correspondences in the Nanjing City.  None reported that at that time.  There was League of Nation.  None made accusation of Japan's atrocity at that time.  What else do I have to say? 


Well, I volunteer.  In order to kill, say 150,000, you need firepower to kill.  Also, you need manpower to kill, transport the corpses and bury them.  Did we have?  No.  Did we ask other Chinese to help us - saying "would you please help us dump the dead while you are still living?  No.


What else do I have to say?


If you believe what Japan bashers say, you are like JFK conspiracy theorist.  Please don't.


So, why did we fight?  Why did Japan fight the United States of America?  Well, we didn't start it.  The USA started it.  Why?  Because FDR was a communist or at least a communist sympathizer.


Japan was Joseph McCarthy plus Goldwater plus Reagan in a sense that we knew the threat of communism and acted on it. 


Nikolayevsk Incident.  1920 March.  700 legitimate Japanese residents (and more Anti-Bolshevik Russians) in Nikolayevsk in Russia was butchered in way far more horrific than what Ann Coulter described what Jacobins did in her book "Demonic" by Bolsheviks.  Japanese people were on fire.  We learned who they were.


Tongzhou Incident.  1937 July.  230 Japanese civilians and soldiers (110 of them) were killed in a similar way as above incident by Chinese communists.  We learned once again who they were. 


Japan's war fighting purpose in China was for self defense.  In order to defend ourselves, we needed to fight communism.  Nationalist Party (Chiang Kai Shek) was infiltrated and controlled by communists.  Therefore, we needed to fight both. 


FDR helped communist fight us with ammunition supply.  Therefore, before we go on Pearl Harbor, USA had already initiated attack on us.  FDR cut our all the supply lines of oil and industrial raw materials.  During the negotiation, FDR gave us final ultimatum called "Hull Note".  It was authored by Harry Dexter White.  The Hull Note was in a way a declaration of war.


Harry Dexter White, a senior US treasury department official under FDR was convicted communist, as Ann Coulter explains in her book "Demonic".  We believe he received direct order from Stalin to maneuver FDR towards fighting Japan.  Why?   Because it makes sense.


Let me be clear.  It was FDR's fault.  We didn't want it.  FDR wanted.  Stalin wanted.  Churchill wanted (to drag US into the war to save themselves from Hitler).  I don't blame Churchill.  I blame FDR and Stalin.


After the war, Asia was ravaged by communism.  A lot of innocent died.  Why?   Because FDR fought us who were fighting them.


FDR is responsible for all the dead - American solders, Japanese solders, Japanese civilians, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.


Japan was right.  Japan has never been evil.  Saying Japan was evil is silly.  Comparing Germany and Japan is stupid.  Lecturing Japan on the war is cruel, inhumane and immoral.


Please consider. 


Aside from the above mentioned minor difference, I always enjoy your show.  Thank you for your service and Gob Bless. 

Japan saved Jews - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.10 Sunday
  • 12:52

Dear Dennis,


In addition to the previous message, I would like to counter your accusation of Japan's racism further.  I hope you as a Jew will find it interesting. 


We saved thousands of Jews in the war time.


Japan was an ally of Germany and Italy, not because we were Nazi or Fascist, but because of FDR's segregationist foreign policy.  We, as a tiny island nation, could not survive without friends - whether it's a real friendship or of convenience.


We were historically anti-racism.  In 1919, Japan proposed that League of Nations' rule includes an articles dedicated to eliminate racial discrimination in the world.  Majority of the nations voted for it.  But, some of the hard-core racists rejected it.  Among them was Woodrow Wilson.  He, as chairman, demanded that issue was "so important, that it should be unanimously approved".  So, Wilson, being a Harvard educated established elite liberal racist, effectively said "GFY" to our proposal.


We aligned with Germany for survival, not to promote their Jew killing, because we had no racist bone in our body.  Nazi Germany was created by mob mentality.  Japan was created in time immemorial with continuum of royal family that never breaks into this day.  I repeat, without any break - before and after the two wars.


Sugihara Chiune, Japanese official in Lithuania in 1940, issued 6,000 VISAs for Jewish refugees in a rush.  In a rush, because USSR who officially annexed Lithuania demanded Japan to get out.  Sugihara, seeing a lot of Jews around the embassy who had fled Nazis, understood without VISA, they would face execution soon or later.  He kept writing VISA until the last minute, until he was physically unable to, from early morning to the early morning next day, until the forced closure of Consulate, until he stepped onto the train to Berlin.


Those who received the VISAs went through Siberia and went to Japan or Japanese controlled Shanghai China (now, Red China claims they did it themselves, which was impossible).  They lived in Kobe (15,000) or Shanghai (20,000) until the end of the war and then went over to Israel, US or other places.


Don't believe in bullcrap that he acted alone.  He was an official person.  If he acted alone without any authority, VISA had no effect.  Japan functioned as lawful society, unlike FDR's New Deal America.


Of course, there was difficulty.  Nazi Germany complained to us - telling us to stop helping Jews.  But, why obey them.  Japan was an "ally of Germany", not a "subsidiary of Germany".  Unlike Italy.  Unlike Austria,  Unlike Switzerland.  Unlike France.


So, while we were helping Jews in spite of our relationship with Germany, what were USA and Brits doing?  Brits blocked entry to Palestine and USA and Canada shut the door.  MS St. Louis - 930 Jews where onboard, headed to Cuba -turned down, headed to Florida - turned down, headed to Halifax - turned down, then without having nowhere else to go, they returned to Antwerp, to be transported to Auschwitz.  Going all the way to the United States of America and getting no help?  Don't you think it sad?  Don't you feel ashamed?  If not, why not?  Or, is that a bullcrap nonsense that never happened?


Japan's issue is our issue.  The only thing we feel sorry about is that we were not strong enough to crush FDR.  We were technically able to do so, but hampered by inept politicians and military bureaucrats.  And, I feel sick to the stomach to see those left wing know-nothings and evil Japan bashers who claim to know something about Japan's war crime.  My feeling is the same as Bruce Herschensohn feels about Vietnam War.


My humble suggestion to the great conservative mentor is this - before going for our issue, why don't you address your own issue?


My humble question to a Jew is this - what do you think?


Anyway, your show is great and is the source of wisdom.   The above mentioned difference is a minor issue.  Thank you for your service and God Bless.

Japan was a force of good - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.10 Sunday
  • 01:52

Dear Dennis,


I am a Japanese listener.   I enjoy your show. 


I agree almost a hundred percent of what you say.  I think that is because of conservatism that we share - or you have given to me, to be more precise.


There is, however, some issues I don't agree with you.  It's a minor issue, because you and I share the basic principles.  And, it is more of the problem of our side rather than yours. 


But, I find it troubling to find that your hostility towards our people is so persisting and every time you mention Japan, you are always negative.  So, let me address this.


On June 30, hour two, you interviewed a British historian.  You two agreed that Japan and Nazi Germany was the same with regards to criminality and savagery.  You (or he) said Japan slaughtered Chinese and Koreans.  He said Japan killed 17% of innocent people in Philippines.  You said that Japanese, as opposed to German, never dealt with their past crime. You said that you are puzzled as to why so little about Japanese atrocity has being discussed. 


I tell you why.  There is no wonder so little is discussed around the world despite the concerted efforts of Red China of propagandize so called "Japanese Atrocity in China", because there was none of it.  Yes, there was absolutely no atrocity committed in the name of our country.


It is mission impossible to find evidence to prove something that didn't happen.  So, I don't waste my time with that.  Circumstantial information and a bit of common sense would suffice.


I recommend you to read Ann Coulter's new book "Demonic" - not only interview her, but also take your time to read it.  It will be more informative and revealing than the above mentioned "historian's" book.


Ann Coulter explains that the atrocity has been done by mobs - mobs that are French Revolutionaries, Bolsheviks, Nazis, Mao's followers, Hochiminh, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Sr. and Jr.  According to her, they were not conservatives.  They were liberals.  They were the heirs of Democrat Party of the United States of America.  They were the heirs (or old buddy) of Southern segregationalists, FDR, Bill Ayers, Janet Rino, President Clinton, Jon "dude" Stewart, and President Obama.  United States has so many of French Revolutionary liberals that I cannot keep track of it.  I apologize for the bunch of missing names.


Anyway, have you noticed anything?  She does not mention anything about Japan.  People say, United States fought vicious enemy and defeated them - Nazi Germany and Japan (oftentimes Italy is forgotten).  So, of course Japan was one of the mobs right?  No?  Why?


Ann Coulter mentions Japan only one time in a later chapter.  I quote. 


"Japanese Kamikazes were pretty fanatical, too.  Who would have imagined that architect of the Pearl Harbor attack were governable?  Two well-placed nuclear bombs put and end to the legendary Japanese belligerence". 


I think she says this in the context of explaining the importance of making decisive victory in the war, not how the mobs in Japan were actually committing mass killing.  Kamikaze warriors were fanatic.  Yes.  They were fanatically dedicated in defending their country and future generation - me and the rest of us - from the mob.  Yes, "Mob the FDR" who detained American citizens who happened to be of Japanese origin and a lot of others, by using his dictatorial power and by rejecting constitution and tradition (I recommend you to read Burton Folsom's "New Deal or Raw Deal", not only to interview him).


D-Day… A lot of young American soldier charged towards the shore.  They knew they die.  They were open target.  Nazis were there to "waste them all".  And yet they charged.  Why?  Were they fanatic?  Sure.  Courageous and fanatically dedicated.  Were they not?


Ann Coulter is one of the conservatives I respect.  I respect you, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and many others.  And Coulter, of course, must have done a tons of research to write this book.  And she has done a great job.  And her only mention of Japan is obviously out of the context of explaining the nature of the mob.  What does that tell you?


I also recommend you to remember what you yourself said before.  You said "all the vicious dictators maintained their own military that are only loyal to them and not to their countries".  You are right.  The word reveals your bottomless wisdom that I admire.  Hitler had it.  Mussolini had it.  Stalin had it.  Woodrow Wilson had it.  FDR had it.  Mao had it.  Ho had it.  Pol Pot had it.  Kim Sr. had it.  Kim Jr. has it.  And, on and on and on.


So, our Emperor had it?  No he hadn't. Why?  Because we were not a mob and he was not afraid of getting hit (JFK, RFK, Ford and Reagan were hit by mobs) by anybody.  We fought under the name of Emperor and he was the one uniting force of our country.   After the war, he met with General MacArthur and said that he takes all the responsibility and is ready to be subjected to any kind of punishment. 


Emperor wasn't executed?  Why?  Because Tojo was executed?  All of them including Tojo was deeply royal to Emperor.  So, why wasn't the Emperor was not killed.  By allies or by us?


After the war, Emperor went on the tour, from corner to corner of Japan, greeting people, shaking hands, saying hello, asking how are people doing, waving hands.  If you doubt it, take a look… there are photos and videos...


Yes, we fought under the name of Emperor.  We "banzai-ed" as the above mentioned historian said.



If you believe Japan did atrocity

if you believe Japan was racist

if you believe Japan had plan to annihilate all the other Asians


If you believe that, ask them what happened.


President Lee Teng Hui…….. He was a former Japanese.  He was a citizen of Japan when Taiwan was a part of Japan.  He came to Japan in 2007 and visited Yasukuni Shrine to meet with his fallen brother who is enshrined there as Japanese soldier.  President Lee, along with  a  lot of other Taiwanese and Korean, attended Kyoto Imperial University and served as Army Lieutenant.  He has always been a strong supporter of Japan.  He is proud of the heritage as a former Japanese.  And, because of that, he resents apologetic Japanese of today.  If you doubt it, you can look it up on the web all you want.


Taiwanese gave us 10 billion yen (abt US$110million) for Tsunami aid, more than anybody else in the world.


Ask Indonesian what happened.  We helped them to build military, infrastructure and fighting colonialist Netherlands.  Indonesia won independency because of our soldiers fighting alongside their fighters.  Can you imagine Nazis fighting side by side with Irgun and Haganah for Israeli independence? 


President Park Chung-hee of Korea (in office March 24, 1962 – October 26, 1979)….. Also a former Japanese, because Korea was also a part of Japan.  He attended Army Staff College in Japan and became a Lieutenant in Imperial Japan Army.  He lead an infantry division - a Japanese soldiers.  I repeat.  He led Japanese soldiers and Japanese soldiers followed his order.  Japanese Army soldiers followed commander's order.  Taiwanese origin or Korean origin didn't matter, because it was how it worked.  We respect people, because that is the nature of being a Japanese.


About the Philippine people that you said we killed.  Why do we kill people of the land we conquer?  Why do we want to alienate them?  We want them to be on our side.  General MacArthur abandoned Philippines and escaped.  Filipinos fought with US troops.  He then came back later to fight Japanese troops over there, bombing indiscriminately the town of Manila ferociously.  A lot of people were killed.  Was this done by us?  No, it was the United States of America that did it.


Take a look.


Now, I ask you.  Were we racist?  Were we committed to annihilate Asians?  This is a rhetorical question and I am not asking for reply, because the answer should be self-evident.


Dennis, aside from the above mentioned minor difference, I always admire your moral clarity, wisdom and kindness.  You are the guide and I am the follower.  Every time I listen to you, I feel myself getting wiser.  Thank you for your service and God Bless. 

To Love Goodness - Ultimate Issues Hour: Hating Evil” on February 15 podcast

  • 2011.02.25 Friday
  • 00:23

A message to an American conservative radio talk show host, Dennis Prager.

Dear Dennis

“How do you love Goodness and not hate Evil?” by Dennis Prager 2011 February 15.


Upon listening to this phrase coming out of your microphone, I decided that this phrase should be engraved to my tombstone and this wisdom should be passed on to the siblings of my house of a thousand of years into the future. 


This phrase followed your initial comments that “If you love God, you must hate Evil.  If you hate evil, then, that’s it.  You hate nothing else”. 


When I was listening to your Podcast, I was eating Tempura Rise Bowl at an eatery in a Tokyo business district in lunch time.  What you said was so true, that I got overwhelmed by them.  I eyes welled up with tears.  


In this day and age, when people don’t hate Evil – Socialism, Leftism, Racism and Islamo-Nazism, but hate something else - CO2 emission, oil drilling and protecting border and so on, what is more necessary than the wisdom of Hating Evil?  Hate is good, as long as it is reserved for Evil.  If Socialism that corrupts industrious person, Leftism that teaches our children to hate our history and Islamo-Nazism that demands stoning of infidels are not Evil, then what is?   And, once you hate Evil, it is impossible to hate anything else.  And, the fact that this wisdom originates from Bible proves that this is the wisest book in the world.

Hating Communism – A message from a Japanese Listener

  • 2011.02.18 Friday
  • 23:00

A message to an American conservative radio talk show host, Dennis Prager.


Dear Dennis,


I am impressed with your Town Hall article “Trip to Vietnam Revives Hatred of Communism” and I agree a hundred percent with you that communism was the single most destructive cult in 20th century.  Here is my take on communism with regards to history of our own and yours.  America’s war against communist North Korea and communist North Vietnam were of noble cause.  You are right that all those died in fighting with America for their own communist regime died in waste.  It was just unfortunate that your Left did not allow America to come out winning in those wars.  As Japanese, I feel more saddened that I have to remind you of the fact – if America didn’t pick a fight with us Japan, there would have been no communism in East Asia, or at least not in the size that we experienced.


Japan knew threat of communism well before America did.  In the era of Soviet Union’s inception, it was real and present danger for us.  In order to protect itself, Japan secured Korean peninsula.  Then, in order to secure Korea, we secured North East China by helping to build an independent country called Manchuria.  Manchuria’s population grew steadily, which was a sure sign that civil life was protected, law and order was settled and economy was booming.  Then again, In order to secure Manchuria, we had to fight with Chiang Kai Shek’s nationalist party and Mao Zedong’s communist party who were trying to subvert our legitimate efforts.  Chiang Kai Shek’s nationalist party was largely infiltrated by commies that were manipulated by Moscow.


Unfortunately, FDR allowed Harry D. White, a communist to influence his foreign policy and gave direct military support to Chiang Kai Shek.  He also collaborated with Europeans to cut off our entire supply line to suffocate us to death.  We all know the rest of the story.


Douglas McArthur after coming to Japan found out Japan was merely fighting communism for their self-defense.  What he did in Korea was exactly what Japan did well before.  What he tried to do to China in the process of the Korean War but was prevented by Truman was exactly what Japan did.  That’s why Douglas McArthur testified in Congress that Japan went to war because of security of its own.


I thank America for fight against communism and now against Islamo-Nazism.  But, this is the history that we should not deny and forget.


Excerpts from “Military Situation in the Far East” Page 57

Committees on Armed Forces and the Committees on Foreign Relations

United States Senate

Thursday May 3, 1951




Senator Hickenlooper.  Question No. 5: Isn’t your proposal for sea and air blockade of Red China the same strategy by which Americans achieved victory over the Japanese in the Pacific?


General MacArthur.  Yes,sir.  In the Pasific we bypassed them.We closed in. You must understand that Japan had an enormous population of nearly 80 million people,crowded into 4 islands.It was about half a farm population.The other half was engaged in industry.


Potentially the labor pool in Japan,both in quantity and quality,is as good as anything that I have ever known. Some place down the line they have discovered what you might call the dignity of labor, that men are happier when they are working and constructing than when they are idling.


This enormous capacity for work meant that they had to have something to work on.They built the factories, they had the labor,but they didn't have the basic materials.

There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silkworm.


They lack cotton,they lack wool,they lack petoroleum products,they lack tin, they lack rubber,they lack a great many other things, all which was in the Asiatic basin.


They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.




Official Source – from US State Department Archive:


Best regards,

Taiwan and Japan - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.02.17 Thursday
  • 00:33

Dear Dennis,


It is great that you are back on the air.  I am especially delighted that you came out stronger against communism as a result of the trip.  You said you now have nothing but contempt for those who are living in the free world and sympathize with communism.  I totally agree with you.  And, I would like to share my point of view on your remarks on your trip.  This time on Taiwan.


I spent the last two and a half years in China and now I am back in Tokyo, Japan.  During the time in China, I visited Taiwan several times.  Red China claims Taiwan is a part of them.  Some in Taiwan (Chiang Kai Shek cronies) claim Taiwan and China is a one entity called Republic of China and is governed by Taipei government, which is of course nonsense.  In reality, Taiwan is Taiwan.  China is China.  These two have completely different up-bringing, culture, history and society. 


I feel unease with your remark that Taiwan is a free China.  This remark implies that Taiwanese are Chinese just like Chinese in Red China are Chinese, and just because Taiwanese are enjoying freedom, there is no reason that Chinese in Red China cannot achieve building free society.


Taiwan was a part of Japan for over 50 years.  In 1895, Qing Dynasty of China gave up Formosa Island (Taiwan) to Japan, because they lost the war with Japan and they saw no value in that Island that had been a wasteland stricken with plague.  Japan transformed the island into a striving economic powerhouse, by giving the local people status as Japanese citizen, basic education, language education, job training, social order and industry.  Lee Teng Hui, Taiwan’s former President was Japanese.  He publicly declares he is proud of the heritage as former Japanese.  His brother fought as a Japanese soldier and died. 


Ask old people in Taiwan who experienced Japan-Era whether they liked or disliked being a part of Japan.  I have never seen those people say anything negative.  What they are negative about is current Japan that is apologetic, dismissive of our own history, left leaning and accepting to Red China. 


Taiwan is Taiwan, not China because it was Japan.  When in Taiwan, nobody feels like being in China, but rather feels like being in Japan.  We, the We, Japanese visit Taiwan and feel at home within a second.  There is so un-foreign in Taiwan.  People respect each other like Japanese, unlike Chinese.  People speak in low voice and gentle manner like Japanese, unlike Chinese.  People don’t spit like Japanese (we don’t), unlike Chinese (they do a lot).  Streets are clean, like Japan, unlike China (“outside” means garbage box).  Ask young Taiwanese which country is the most favorite.  We, Japanese feel great in Taiwan, because they like us a lot. 


For Japan, Taiwan is like a son – a son who was severed from parents by unfortunate accident.  The son was handed over to a terrible guy named Chiang Kai Shek.  But, he was already strong enough to endure oppression of the new parent.  After years of terrible abuse, he gradually got out of monster father’s reign and became independent.  We, Japanese feel proud to see our son stand on his feet today, enjoying his life.


That’s why I insist Taiwan is Taiwan, not China.  And, I am so glad that you paid visit to that country and liked it. 


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