Taiwan and Japan - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.02.17 Thursday
  • 00:33

Dear Dennis,


It is great that you are back on the air.  I am especially delighted that you came out stronger against communism as a result of the trip.  You said you now have nothing but contempt for those who are living in the free world and sympathize with communism.  I totally agree with you.  And, I would like to share my point of view on your remarks on your trip.  This time on Taiwan.


I spent the last two and a half years in China and now I am back in Tokyo, Japan.  During the time in China, I visited Taiwan several times.  Red China claims Taiwan is a part of them.  Some in Taiwan (Chiang Kai Shek cronies) claim Taiwan and China is a one entity called Republic of China and is governed by Taipei government, which is of course nonsense.  In reality, Taiwan is Taiwan.  China is China.  These two have completely different up-bringing, culture, history and society. 


I feel unease with your remark that Taiwan is a free China.  This remark implies that Taiwanese are Chinese just like Chinese in Red China are Chinese, and just because Taiwanese are enjoying freedom, there is no reason that Chinese in Red China cannot achieve building free society.


Taiwan was a part of Japan for over 50 years.  In 1895, Qing Dynasty of China gave up Formosa Island (Taiwan) to Japan, because they lost the war with Japan and they saw no value in that Island that had been a wasteland stricken with plague.  Japan transformed the island into a striving economic powerhouse, by giving the local people status as Japanese citizen, basic education, language education, job training, social order and industry.  Lee Teng Hui, Taiwan’s former President was Japanese.  He publicly declares he is proud of the heritage as former Japanese.  His brother fought as a Japanese soldier and died. 


Ask old people in Taiwan who experienced Japan-Era whether they liked or disliked being a part of Japan.  I have never seen those people say anything negative.  What they are negative about is current Japan that is apologetic, dismissive of our own history, left leaning and accepting to Red China. 


Taiwan is Taiwan, not China because it was Japan.  When in Taiwan, nobody feels like being in China, but rather feels like being in Japan.  We, the We, Japanese visit Taiwan and feel at home within a second.  There is so un-foreign in Taiwan.  People respect each other like Japanese, unlike Chinese.  People speak in low voice and gentle manner like Japanese, unlike Chinese.  People don’t spit like Japanese (we don’t), unlike Chinese (they do a lot).  Streets are clean, like Japan, unlike China (“outside” means garbage box).  Ask young Taiwanese which country is the most favorite.  We, Japanese feel great in Taiwan, because they like us a lot. 


For Japan, Taiwan is like a son – a son who was severed from parents by unfortunate accident.  The son was handed over to a terrible guy named Chiang Kai Shek.  But, he was already strong enough to endure oppression of the new parent.  After years of terrible abuse, he gradually got out of monster father’s reign and became independent.  We, Japanese feel proud to see our son stand on his feet today, enjoying his life.


That’s why I insist Taiwan is Taiwan, not China.  And, I am so glad that you paid visit to that country and liked it. 




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