Remember Pearl Harbor… and Flying Tigers

  • 2014.12.23 Tuesday
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We shall remember Pearl Harbor.

We shall remember Flying Tigers.

We shall remember that America was at war with us long before our attack on Pearl Harbor.


Search for Impeachable Crimes is Off Course
Patrick J. Buchanan


Friday, July 12, 1991

On CBS Sunday's “Face the Nation” the issue was the “October Surprise" - the charge that Bill Casey, of Ronald Reagan's 1980' campaign, secretly offere to send weapons to Iran, if Iran would hold onto its American hostages, until Reagan won the presidency.

For the record, I don't believe a word of it.

But bitter Democrats, unreconciled to their loss of the White House, will investigate, hope, and come up again with egg on their faces. But if they are truly interested in clandestine violations of law, involving war and peace, and mendacity at the highest level of government, they might read Sunday's L.A. Times.

According to a story by Richard Vartabedian, the “Flying Tigers’ of Gen. Clare Chennault were not just U.S. volunteers fighting for Chiang Kai-shek. Recruited at U.S. bases, offered five times normal pay, they were sent off to fight Japan, months before Pearl Harbor, in a covert operation run out of FDR's White House by Lauchiin Currie (later exposed by courier Elizabeth Bentley as a Soviet spy).

Here is real history, Robert Schriebman, attorney for the Flying Tigers, has a secret memo dated August 1941, from Army Air Force Gen. Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold, affirming that creation of the Flying Tigers "has the approval of the president and the War Department.” To avoid a breach of international law, the entire project was organized as a commercial venture,’ reads a secret report prepared by Army intelligence in 1942.

David Ford, who is writing a book on Chennault’s heroes, says the operation was funded by a $100 million loan to China, arranged by Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau. (Morgenthau, recall, was later author - along with his deputy, Harry Dexter White, another Soviet spy - of the infamous "Morgenthau Plan," that urged smashing of all German industries, the flooding of her mines and conversion of that industrial heartland of Europe into pastureland, a proposed war crime to rank with Stalin's policy in the Ukraine.)

What the Pentagon has been denying for 50 years, the Pentagon admitted in May: The Flying Tigers, though their planes carried the insignia of the Chinese army, were on "active duty" for the United States. They were, and are, American veterans.

None of the above diminishes the heroism of these incredible pilots whose 294 kills of Japanese planes, with only four lost, is legendary in the annals of aerial warfare. Rather, the issue is a veritable dictator's contempt for the rule of law and for the Constitution of the United States.

At the very time his men were recruiting these warriors to go fight Japan, FDR was bound by the Neutrality Act, prohibiting aid to "belligerent" nations; he was assuring fearful American mothers he was doing his damndest to keep their sons out of foreign wars.

If Ollie North's $2 million in supplies to the Contras, (which did not even violate the Boland Amendment), had Democrats yowling about "impeachable acts," does not this secret, illegal dispatch of U.S. pilots to light Japan constitute an lmpeachable act? Does it not confirm what many historians have argued: That FDR deliherately sought to goad Tokyo into war, to embroil the United States in the Pacific, as the "back door” through which to take us into war in Europe, war FDR and Churchill concluded we had to fight - even though Congress voted, and the American people wanted, to stay out.

One day this whole story is going to spill out.




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