1. Downed - "Unbroken" an unreal story of Louie Zamperini

  • 2014.12.23 Tuesday
  • 23:08

On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean. On the ocean surface, a face appeared. It was that of a young lieutenant, Louie Zamperini. Ahead of Zamperini lay series of battle for survival.

This is a “real” story of a man with extraordinary spirit. Or, is it?

The movie “Unbroken” has just been released. This movie directed by Angelina Jolie is based on a book “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption” authored by Laura Hillenbrand.

Let’s look into the story;

So, the bomber with Zamperini and other men is downed. What happens?


Far below, Louie was still ensnared in the plane, writhing in the wires. He looked up and saw a body, drifting passively. The plane coursed down, and the world fled away above. Louie felt his ears pop, and vaguely recollected that at the swimming pool at Redondo Beach, his ears would pop at twenty feet. Darkness enfolded him, and the water pressure bore in with greater and greater intensity. He struggled uselessly. He thought: Hopeless.
He felt a sudden, excruciating bolt of pain in his forehead. There was an oncoming stupor, a fading, as he tore at the wires and clenched his throat against the need to breathe. He had the soft realization that this was the last of everything. He passed out.
He woke in total darkness. He thought: This is death. Then he felt the water still on him, the heavy dropping weight of the plane around him. Inexplicably, the wires were gone, as was the raft. He was floating inside the fuselage, which was bearing him toward the ocean floor, some seventeen hundred feet down. He could see nothing. His Mae West was uninflated, but its buoyancy was pulling him into the ceiling of the plane. The air was gone from his lungs, and he was now gulping reflexively, swallowing salt water. He tasted blood, gasoline, and oil. He was drowning.
Louie flung out his arms, trying to find a way out. His right hand struck something, and his USC ring snagged on it. His hand was caught. He reached toward it with his left hand and felt a long, smooth length of metal. The sensation oriented him: He was at the open right waist window. He swam into the window, put his feet on the frame, and pushed off, wrenching his right hand free and cutting his finger. His back struck the top of the window, and the skin under his shirt scraped off. He kicked clear. The plane sank away.
Louie fumbled for the cords on his Mae West, hoping that no one had poached the carbon dioxide canisters. Luck was with him: The chambers ballooned. He was suddenly light, the vest pulling him urgently upward in a stream of debris.
He burst into dazzling daylight. He gasped in a breath and immediately vomited up the salt water and fuel he had swallowed. He had survived.


Here are some questions;
  1. He passed out with lungs filled with sea water and then he regain consciousness and power to swim upwards?
  2. What happened to the entangled wire?

Here is a tip for those who testify
  1. Refresh Your Memory
  2. Tell the Truth
  3. Do Not Exaggerate

Otherwise, you will lose credibility and everything you say will ring untrue..

So, dear readers, you are the judge.
  • Is this story true?
  • Is the whole story of "Unbroken" true?

To be continued.
P.S. Special thanks to 日本軍は本当に「残虐」だったのか 丸谷元人



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