4. Sharks - "Unbroken" an unreal story of Louie Zamperini

  • 2014.12.24 Wednesday
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So, they successfully mend the holes and then what?


They see two sharks, about eight feet long, circling the raft. And then, the sharks vanish.

Zamperini looks into the water. Suddenly one of the sharks leaps from the water, mouth wide open, lunging straight at his head. As the shark tries to "get its mouth around his upper body", Zamperini "his hands on the shark's snout, shoves the shark back into the water". Second shark comes likewise and he strikes it in the nose.

This goes on and on for several minutes. And then, the sharks give up.

Zamperini, furious at the sharks, decides to punish them. Spending all night long, he makes a plan.

Using meat of a bird that they caught as a bait, they tries to lure sharks. 

One comes, and now is time for the action.

Quote; Smelling the bait, the shark swam toward Phil, orienting itself so that its tail was under Louie.  Louie leaned as far overboard as he could without losing his balance, plunged both hands into the water, and grabbed the tail. The shark took off. Louie, gripping the tail, flew out of the raft and crashed into the water, sending a large serving of the Pacific up his nose. The shark whipped its tail and flung Louie off. Louie bolted back onto the raft so quickly that he later had no memory of how he had done it.  Unquote

So, the first attempt failed. Then, what?

Zamperini reviews the plan and finds the solution - get the shark's tail off the water.

Quote; The shark swam for the bait. Louie clapped his hands around the tail and heaved it out of the water. The shark thrashed, but could neither get free nor pull Louie into the water. Louie dragged the animal onto the raft. The shark twisted and snapped, and Phil grabbed a flare cartridge and jammed it into the shark’s mouth. Pinning the shark down, Louie took the pliers and stabbed the screwdriver end of the handle through the animal’s eye. The shark died instantly. Unquote
Quote; Even with a knife, shark skin is about as easy to cut as a coat of mail; with only the edge of a mirror to cut with, the labor was draining. After much sawing, Louie managed to break the skin. The flesh underneath stank of ammonia. Louie cut the liver out, and it was sizable. They ate it eagerly, giving Mac a larger portion, and for the first time since breakfast on May 27, they were all full. The rest of the shark reeked, so they threw it overboard. Later, using the same technique, they caught a second shark and again ate the liver. Unquote

Here are some questions;
  1. Do sharks eat animals in the water or above the water or both, as I get confused by watching the video below? It seems to me that they eat something "in the water" only. I could be wrong, though.
  2. Did they eat the sharks right after they caught it? Since as far as I know, the shark meat is delicious and eatable as Sashimi like the photo below? Ammonia stench comes later as it is left unfrozen for long.

By the way, I have nothing but admiration for Zamperini who grabbed the tail of a shark, 5 feet long, dragged it onto the raft, killed it, because I can see how difficult it is to do this even with full equipment as shown in these videos.


Shark Sashimi - From a home cooking website

By the way, for those who are interested, this is how the shark is dissected. It looks like the whole meat of the shark is delicious.

Here is a tip for those who testify;
  1. Refresh Your Memory
  2. Tell the Truth
  3. Do Not Exaggerate

Otherwise, you will lose credibility and everything you say will ring untrue..

So, dear readers, you are the judge.
  • Is this story true?
  • Is the whole story of "Unbroken" true?

To be continued.

P.S. Special thanks to 日本軍は本当に「残虐」だったのか 丸谷元人



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