6. Ofuna - "Unbroken" an unreal story of Louie Zamperini

  • 2014.12.24 Wednesday
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After being beaten, pelted and humiliated in Kwajalein island, Zamperini and Phil are transported to Japan, first to Ofuna, Omori and Naoetsu Prison Camp.

Over there, Zamperini meets with a sadistic monster called Mutsuhiro "The Bird" Watanabe. The violence is just appalling.

Here is an example of what happened;

The bird receives a report that fish has been stolen. Some men confess that they did. Yet the Bird is suspicious that more men are involved. 

The Bird orders POWs (some one hundred) to stand in line, and pulls out 5 officers including Zamperini, saying they are responsible. His punishment: Each enlisted man would punch each officers and thief in the face in full force.

The Bird warns that the guards will club any men who don't strike the guilty men with maximum force.

The punching begins. Zamperini tells each man to hit hard. They begrudgingly follow it.

Quote; For the first few punches, Louie stayed on his feet. But his legs soon began to waver, and he collapsed. He pulled himself upright, but fell again with the next punch, and then the next. Eventually, he blacked out. When he came to, the Bird forced the men to resume punching him, screaming, “Next! Next! Next!” In Louie’s whirling mind, the voice began to sound like the tramping of feet.
The sun sank. The beating went on for some two hours, the Bird watching with fierce and erotic pleasure. When every enlisted man had done his punching, the Bird ordered the guards to club each one twice in the head with a kendo stick.
The victims had to be carried to the barracks. Louie’s face was so swollen that for several days he could barely open his mouth. By Wade’s estimate, each man had been punched in the face some 220 times. Unquote

Let us remember that they survive 220 blows with just swollen faces, and look at this part which is about the time when Zamperini is back in the US after the war.
Quote; One night at a bar on Sunset Boulevard, he parked himself on a stool, drank all evening, and wound up stinking drunk. A man passed behind him, ushering his date past. Louie swung around, reached out, and groped the woman’s bottom. The next thing Louie knew, he was on his feet, outside, being half-carried by a friend. His jaw was thumping with pain, and his friend was chewing him out. He slowly came to understand that the woman’s boyfriend had knocked him unconscious. Unquote

So, here we have two Zamperinis - A) the one who withstands 220 blows in the face plus 2 strikes in the head with heavy wooden stick  and B) the one who gets drunk and beaten up unconscious by a single man.

My question is this; which was the real Zamperini?

Here is a tip for those who testify; 
Refresh Your Memory
Tell the Truth
Do Not Exaggerate

Otherwise, you will lose credibility and everything you say will ring untrue..

So, dear readers, you are the judge.

Is this story true?
Is the whole story of "Unbroken" true?

To be continued.

P.S. Special thanks to 日本軍は本当に「残虐」だったのか 丸谷元人



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