13. "Unbroken" is finally "Broken"

  • 2014.12.24 Wednesday
  • 23:46

Dear readers;

I have posted 12 articles on this book "Unbroken" and the movie just being released as follows;

1) Downed  
2) Bomber  
3) Raft Patching  
4) Sharks  
5) Kwajalein  
6) Ofuna  
7) Koreans  
8) "Kill All"  
9) Boyington  
10) Lewis Bush  
11) POW Roster  
12) "Unbroken" v.s. Real POWs  

Now, I ask you;

Does this book "Unbroken" have any semblance to the truth, honesty and integrity? Because I cannot see any.

Let us be clear. We are not in denial on the suffering of Allied POWs. There were cases of mindless beating, miserable treatment and unfortunate deaths. We feel sorry for the ordeal POWs went through. That was a war. War is always a tough business. Japanese soldiers, however, went through that as well by the hands of the allies (reference).

Exaggerating the stories and putting the facts out of context don’t serve correct understanding of history. Correct understanding leads to friendship among the nations. Propaganda leads to animosity. 70 years after the war, why hate each other?

Japan and The United States should not have fought each other. Stalin’s Soviet Union infiltrated the US government up to the highest level (reference) and manipulated her into hostility against Japan. Following Stalin’s wish (he wanted Japan to turn its hostility against the US instead of Soviet Union), well before our attack on Pearl Harbor, The United States was already at war with us (reference). The war between our nations was an unfortunate event that we shall never ever repeat.

Fortunately, Japan and The United States today are the closest and indispensable allies in the pacific region. The friendship between the two nations manifested itself at the wake of the natural disaster in March 11, 2011 – Operation Tomodachi.

Here in Asia, we are faced with the same aggressors that we faced back in early 20th century – Russia and China, and the new one (not so new though) - North Korea. And, both countries, Japan and The US, shall forge a strong tie against them.

Japan is an exceptional country, having the longest continuous civil history in the world. The United States is, however, exceptional in a totally different way. America is exceptional due to its founding principle – life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That principle makes the United States a shining city on a hill.  That principle was behind the power to abolish the slavery, to create civil society and to achieve prosperity that is second to none.

People in the two countries share common values – civility, morality, individual dignity, work ethics, love of freedom and love of prosperity. 

Those who wish to drive a wedge between the two nations, those who wish to instill hatred between the people of the two nations, we call them our enemies.

Together, we shall fight enemies within and without.

I wish for an ever-lasting friendship between the two exceptional nations.

And, finally, I pray for the soul of Mr. Zamperini.

Merry Christmas and Rest in Peace..

2014 December 24
Conservative Blog Japan

P.S. I will post further on the issue of POW as any new information becomes available.

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  • CBJ
  • 2014/12/26 10:37 PM
Perhaps your readers may appreciate an alternative view.

Happy New Year
Hi Lloyd, thanks. I hope so. My goal is a real reconciliation, not a fake forgiveness. Happy New Year.
  • CBJ
  • 2014/12/28 9:15 AM
I don't think the purpose of the movie was to drive a wedge between our two nations. I think it was more of an effort to help us achieve a better sense of appreciation for those who served. I can't speak for every American that watched the movie, but I didn't leave with any feelings of hostility towards Japan, but rather with a a greater appreciation for those that serve to protect those values that we hold so dear.
  • Braiden
  • 2015/01/11 10:43 AM
Dear Braiden, I appreciate your comment. I see a lot hateul of comments on Amazon and Twitter against us. There are ways of honoring your soldiers. The propaganda is not the way to do that. We keep fighting this evil movie.
  • CBJ
  • 2015/01/11 11:22 AM



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