"Unbroken" - Getting Over

  • 2014.12.28 Sunday
  • 19:11

This posting is a reply to @kc5fm who was kind enough to post his opinion on his blog in relation to my tweet to him.


I am glad to find @kc5fm took notice of my tweet on the novel and the movie "Unbroken" where I said "Actually, we are mad as hell". I might have been a bit aggressive, but I enjoy civilized conversation.

We are furious at "Unbroken", because it incites hatred among the people of the United States and the world (including Japan in reaction to it). We fought each other once. The war ended 70 years ago. All the participants of the war were wounded physically, mentally and financially.

Both had reasons to fight (see Link). Only time can heal the wounded. Only time can let people get over the past. And, now we see each other as an indispensable ally in the pacific region.

Provoking old hatred that both sides stopped harboring 70 years ago is the last thing we need. And yet, that is exactly what this novel and the movie "Unbroken" does.

And, it does so by assembling related and unrelated facts here and there, mixing total lies into them, distorting the reality, inflating the facts mixed with pure imagination. We call it simply a propaganda.

We don't deny having used POW as labor, whether we call it "slavery" or not. We don't deny that they suffered. What is lacking, however, in "Unbroken" and the minds of the likes of @kc5fm is the balanced view. What I mean by balanced view is capability to view things in multiple viewpoints. You are not the center of the universe. There are actions and reactions. You see negativity on others. Other see negativity on your side.

So, what do I mean specifically? While many of our soldiers were not allowed to be accepted as POW, and were mercilessly mowed down by Allied machine-guns (see Link), we saved Allied soldiers who had lost power to fight (see Link) and treated them with means the we had (see Link). The information here is not my invention. It's the information 1) by Americans 2) for Americans and 3) of Americans (or Brits).

The last link shows that we allowed POW access to our public bath and let them take bath together with our ladies (mixed bathing was our custom then). If you want to dispute me, dispute the source of the information.

I don't care if somebody on your side still don't buy products of Mitsubishi, Honda or Nikon. Buy GM. Buy Ford. Buy Samsung. Life goes on. It's the matter of whether they "get over it" or not.

We Japanese largely got over it. We don't produce anti-US movie. If some of us do, I condemn it. Most of our former soldiers don't see America with hostility. We never see our grandfathers make noise on I-Phone, Coca-Cola and even Lady Gaga.

I read the book and saw what Watanabe allegedly did to Zamperini. The issue is whether we believe it or not. 

Now, if you want people to take you seriously, you must 1) be accurate, 2) tell the truth and 3) not exaggerate. 

On all three accounts, "Unbroken" is guilty. Therefore, logic leads me (and hopefully many logical thinking Americans) not to believe in it.

Changing the narrative:
This is what Zamperini himself told the reporter back in 2005 (see Link around the end). Who is telling the truth - Zamperini 2005 or Zamperini in "Unbroken"?

Does this (see Link) have anything to with "true story of Zamperini"? And how true is this information?

Greg "Pappy" Boyington:
This is a real person with real experience. "Unbroken" says Zamperini was a runner. Boyington says he was a miller who cannot cook (see Link). So, who really is Zamperini?

Lewis Bush:
This is also a real person with real experience. He was in Omori from September 1943 to August 1944. Zamperini was in Omori from October 1944 to March 1945. Then, why does "Unbroken" describe them as if Bush and Zamperini were there together, using Bush's narrative of events? We call it "plagiarizing". See Link

Aside from these above serious problems, let's look at the following "Mission Impossible" actions;

Zamperini downed, drowned, passed out, regained consciousness, released from wire tangle, swam up and survived.. See Link. Is it a true story of Louie Zamperini?

Japanese bomber flew over them 8 times, machine-gunning them, and Zamperini and friends survived, not getting a single bullet, kicking off the sharks.. See Link. Is it a true story of Louie Zamperini?

Three of them on a raft with bullet holes, mending the raft (both up and down!!!), pumping the air fast enough, fending off the sharks.. See Link. Is it a true story of Louie Zamperini?

And, catching the sharks by bare hands (!!), dissecting them, and yet mostly throwing the meat away (!!), due to ammonia odor .. See Link. Is it a true story of Louie Zamperini?

Again, is it a true story of Louie Zamperini?

Or, are facts irrelevant?

If so, we shall call it "propaganda". 

As long as you appreciate propaganda, you will never be able to "get over" it.

I wish you all a happy holiday season and a nice "getting over", so that you can start your new year of 2015 with fresh mind.



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