Japan was a force of good - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.10 Sunday
  • 01:52

Dear Dennis,


I am a Japanese listener.   I enjoy your show. 


I agree almost a hundred percent of what you say.  I think that is because of conservatism that we share - or you have given to me, to be more precise.


There is, however, some issues I don't agree with you.  It's a minor issue, because you and I share the basic principles.  And, it is more of the problem of our side rather than yours. 


But, I find it troubling to find that your hostility towards our people is so persisting and every time you mention Japan, you are always negative.  So, let me address this.


On June 30, hour two, you interviewed a British historian.  You two agreed that Japan and Nazi Germany was the same with regards to criminality and savagery.  You (or he) said Japan slaughtered Chinese and Koreans.  He said Japan killed 17% of innocent people in Philippines.  You said that Japanese, as opposed to German, never dealt with their past crime. You said that you are puzzled as to why so little about Japanese atrocity has being discussed. 


I tell you why.  There is no wonder so little is discussed around the world despite the concerted efforts of Red China of propagandize so called "Japanese Atrocity in China", because there was none of it.  Yes, there was absolutely no atrocity committed in the name of our country.


It is mission impossible to find evidence to prove something that didn't happen.  So, I don't waste my time with that.  Circumstantial information and a bit of common sense would suffice.


I recommend you to read Ann Coulter's new book "Demonic" - not only interview her, but also take your time to read it.  It will be more informative and revealing than the above mentioned "historian's" book.


Ann Coulter explains that the atrocity has been done by mobs - mobs that are French Revolutionaries, Bolsheviks, Nazis, Mao's followers, Hochiminh, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Sr. and Jr.  According to her, they were not conservatives.  They were liberals.  They were the heirs of Democrat Party of the United States of America.  They were the heirs (or old buddy) of Southern segregationalists, FDR, Bill Ayers, Janet Rino, President Clinton, Jon "dude" Stewart, and President Obama.  United States has so many of French Revolutionary liberals that I cannot keep track of it.  I apologize for the bunch of missing names.


Anyway, have you noticed anything?  She does not mention anything about Japan.  People say, United States fought vicious enemy and defeated them - Nazi Germany and Japan (oftentimes Italy is forgotten).  So, of course Japan was one of the mobs right?  No?  Why?


Ann Coulter mentions Japan only one time in a later chapter.  I quote. 


"Japanese Kamikazes were pretty fanatical, too.  Who would have imagined that architect of the Pearl Harbor attack were governable?  Two well-placed nuclear bombs put and end to the legendary Japanese belligerence". 


I think she says this in the context of explaining the importance of making decisive victory in the war, not how the mobs in Japan were actually committing mass killing.  Kamikaze warriors were fanatic.  Yes.  They were fanatically dedicated in defending their country and future generation - me and the rest of us - from the mob.  Yes, "Mob the FDR" who detained American citizens who happened to be of Japanese origin and a lot of others, by using his dictatorial power and by rejecting constitution and tradition (I recommend you to read Burton Folsom's "New Deal or Raw Deal", not only to interview him).


D-Day… A lot of young American soldier charged towards the shore.  They knew they die.  They were open target.  Nazis were there to "waste them all".  And yet they charged.  Why?  Were they fanatic?  Sure.  Courageous and fanatically dedicated.  Were they not?


Ann Coulter is one of the conservatives I respect.  I respect you, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and many others.  And Coulter, of course, must have done a tons of research to write this book.  And she has done a great job.  And her only mention of Japan is obviously out of the context of explaining the nature of the mob.  What does that tell you?


I also recommend you to remember what you yourself said before.  You said "all the vicious dictators maintained their own military that are only loyal to them and not to their countries".  You are right.  The word reveals your bottomless wisdom that I admire.  Hitler had it.  Mussolini had it.  Stalin had it.  Woodrow Wilson had it.  FDR had it.  Mao had it.  Ho had it.  Pol Pot had it.  Kim Sr. had it.  Kim Jr. has it.  And, on and on and on.


So, our Emperor had it?  No he hadn't. Why?  Because we were not a mob and he was not afraid of getting hit (JFK, RFK, Ford and Reagan were hit by mobs) by anybody.  We fought under the name of Emperor and he was the one uniting force of our country.   After the war, he met with General MacArthur and said that he takes all the responsibility and is ready to be subjected to any kind of punishment. 


Emperor wasn't executed?  Why?  Because Tojo was executed?  All of them including Tojo was deeply royal to Emperor.  So, why wasn't the Emperor was not killed.  By allies or by us?


After the war, Emperor went on the tour, from corner to corner of Japan, greeting people, shaking hands, saying hello, asking how are people doing, waving hands.  If you doubt it, take a look… there are photos and videos...




Yes, we fought under the name of Emperor.  We "banzai-ed" as the above mentioned historian said.



If you believe Japan did atrocity

if you believe Japan was racist

if you believe Japan had plan to annihilate all the other Asians


If you believe that, ask them what happened.


President Lee Teng Hui…….. He was a former Japanese.  He was a citizen of Japan when Taiwan was a part of Japan.  He came to Japan in 2007 and visited Yasukuni Shrine to meet with his fallen brother who is enshrined there as Japanese soldier.  President Lee, along with  a  lot of other Taiwanese and Korean, attended Kyoto Imperial University and served as Army Lieutenant.  He has always been a strong supporter of Japan.  He is proud of the heritage as a former Japanese.  And, because of that, he resents apologetic Japanese of today.  If you doubt it, you can look it up on the web all you want.


Taiwanese gave us 10 billion yen (abt US$110million) for Tsunami aid, more than anybody else in the world.


Ask Indonesian what happened.  We helped them to build military, infrastructure and fighting colonialist Netherlands.  Indonesia won independency because of our soldiers fighting alongside their fighters.  Can you imagine Nazis fighting side by side with Irgun and Haganah for Israeli independence? 


President Park Chung-hee of Korea (in office March 24, 1962 – October 26, 1979)….. Also a former Japanese, because Korea was also a part of Japan.  He attended Army Staff College in Japan and became a Lieutenant in Imperial Japan Army.  He lead an infantry division - a Japanese soldiers.  I repeat.  He led Japanese soldiers and Japanese soldiers followed his order.  Japanese Army soldiers followed commander's order.  Taiwanese origin or Korean origin didn't matter, because it was how it worked.  We respect people, because that is the nature of being a Japanese.


About the Philippine people that you said we killed.  Why do we kill people of the land we conquer?  Why do we want to alienate them?  We want them to be on our side.  General MacArthur abandoned Philippines and escaped.  Filipinos fought with US troops.  He then came back later to fight Japanese troops over there, bombing indiscriminately the town of Manila ferociously.  A lot of people were killed.  Was this done by us?  No, it was the United States of America that did it.


Take a look.  http://www.pacificwar.org.au/Philippines/Macescapes.html


Now, I ask you.  Were we racist?  Were we committed to annihilate Asians?  This is a rhetorical question and I am not asking for reply, because the answer should be self-evident.


Dennis, aside from the above mentioned minor difference, I always admire your moral clarity, wisdom and kindness.  You are the guide and I am the follower.  Every time I listen to you, I feel myself getting wiser.  Thank you for your service and God Bless. 




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