Japan saved Jews - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.10 Sunday
  • 12:52

Dear Dennis,


In addition to the previous message, I would like to counter your accusation of Japan's racism further.  I hope you as a Jew will find it interesting. 


We saved thousands of Jews in the war time.


Japan was an ally of Germany and Italy, not because we were Nazi or Fascist, but because of FDR's segregationist foreign policy.  We, as a tiny island nation, could not survive without friends - whether it's a real friendship or of convenience.


We were historically anti-racism.  In 1919, Japan proposed that League of Nations' rule includes an articles dedicated to eliminate racial discrimination in the world.  Majority of the nations voted for it.  But, some of the hard-core racists rejected it.  Among them was Woodrow Wilson.  He, as chairman, demanded that issue was "so important, that it should be unanimously approved".  So, Wilson, being a Harvard educated established elite liberal racist, effectively said "GFY" to our proposal.


We aligned with Germany for survival, not to promote their Jew killing, because we had no racist bone in our body.  Nazi Germany was created by mob mentality.  Japan was created in time immemorial with continuum of royal family that never breaks into this day.  I repeat, without any break - before and after the two wars.


Sugihara Chiune, Japanese official in Lithuania in 1940, issued 6,000 VISAs for Jewish refugees in a rush.  In a rush, because USSR who officially annexed Lithuania demanded Japan to get out.  Sugihara, seeing a lot of Jews around the embassy who had fled Nazis, understood without VISA, they would face execution soon or later.  He kept writing VISA until the last minute, until he was physically unable to, from early morning to the early morning next day, until the forced closure of Consulate, until he stepped onto the train to Berlin.


Those who received the VISAs went through Siberia and went to Japan or Japanese controlled Shanghai China (now, Red China claims they did it themselves, which was impossible).  They lived in Kobe (15,000) or Shanghai (20,000) until the end of the war and then went over to Israel, US or other places.


Don't believe in bullcrap that he acted alone.  He was an official person.  If he acted alone without any authority, VISA had no effect.  Japan functioned as lawful society, unlike FDR's New Deal America.


Of course, there was difficulty.  Nazi Germany complained to us - telling us to stop helping Jews.  But, why obey them.  Japan was an "ally of Germany", not a "subsidiary of Germany".  Unlike Italy.  Unlike Austria,  Unlike Switzerland.  Unlike France.


So, while we were helping Jews in spite of our relationship with Germany, what were USA and Brits doing?  Brits blocked entry to Palestine and USA and Canada shut the door.  MS St. Louis - 930 Jews where onboard, headed to Cuba -turned down, headed to Florida - turned down, headed to Halifax - turned down, then without having nowhere else to go, they returned to Antwerp, to be transported to Auschwitz.  Going all the way to the United States of America and getting no help?  Don't you think it sad?  Don't you feel ashamed?  If not, why not?  Or, is that a bullcrap nonsense that never happened?


Japan's issue is our issue.  The only thing we feel sorry about is that we were not strong enough to crush FDR.  We were technically able to do so, but hampered by inept politicians and military bureaucrats.  And, I feel sick to the stomach to see those left wing know-nothings and evil Japan bashers who claim to know something about Japan's war crime.  My feeling is the same as Bruce Herschensohn feels about Vietnam War.


My humble suggestion to the great conservative mentor is this - before going for our issue, why don't you address your own issue?


My humble question to a Jew is this - what do you think?


Anyway, your show is great and is the source of wisdom.   The above mentioned difference is a minor issue.  Thank you for your service and God Bless.




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