Bogus claim of Japan's atrocity - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.11 Monday
  • 00:58

Dear Dennis

In addition to the previous message, I would like to address the whole notion of Japan being evil.


Equalizing Germany and Japan is extremely silly.  It is like equalizing Israel and Syria.  It is common these days to do so everywhere in the world.  I just don't get why American conservative needs to be lowered to that level.


Nazi Germany had a program called "Die Endlösung - Final Solution".  Its purpose was  to annihilate all the Jews in Europe.  Hitler written a book called "Mein Kampf".  It's a blue print of the program.  It is still circulated all around the world and read by all the Jew haters.  It's available in Amazon - kindle version is also there.  The Jew killing ideology was developed into a real program by various experts.  At the UN speech, Bibi Netanyahu showed a copy of minutes from a 1942 meeting at Wannsee Lake in Germany.  Nazi experts formalized plans to kill Jews there.


Nazi Germany did what they did.  So, the evidence is there.  You say you wonder why Japan's similar crime is not frequently discussed.  My answer is this.  Don't be a scummy left.  You know what they do.  The left make up things.  The left fabricate things.  The left lies.  Why do you help them on this issue?


In Japan, those who apologize for Japan's pre-war to war time history are the people like this.   They are Left - they hate their own country.  They also hate Reagan, G.W.Bush, Thatcher, PM Koizumi. They say Israel is The Worst Country in the World.  They hate the word "conservative", because conservatives are war-mongers with no compassion.  On the other hand, they like socialism, communism, being left in general, being "Green", being "Eco", being "For Peace", being "anti-military".  You look up "Michele Bachmann" in Japan, you see direct translation of MSNBC.


Japan did not have any type of "program" to harm anybody, period.  The moment you say what you said, you are among those Lefties.  Please stop it.  It's too damn stupid.


China.  In northern part of China, there was a country called Manchuria.  Established in 1932 and vanished in 1945 when Japan was defeated.  It was an independent country.  Japan helped them gain independence.  Some say it was a Japan's puppet sate.  OK, fine, let's say so, because Japan had a clear military presence there like US has in Iraq.


1934  30,880,000

1937  36,933,000

1945  45,000,000


The figure shows how population grew during Japan's "occupation".  People come where there is prosperity.  Where there is prosperity, there is peace.  Where there is prosperity and peace, there is civil life.


China again, but Nanjing. 


1937 December  200,000

1938 January     250,000

1938 March       270,000

1938 May          277,000


The above number shows how population grew after Japanese troop's entry on 1937 December 13.  Some (like author of "The Rape of Nanking") says Japan massacred 300,000 innocent Chinese.


It's technically impossible to kill 300,000.  The population grew.  There was a lot of foreign correspondences in the Nanjing City.  None reported that at that time.  There was League of Nation.  None made accusation of Japan's atrocity at that time.  What else do I have to say? 


Well, I volunteer.  In order to kill, say 150,000, you need firepower to kill.  Also, you need manpower to kill, transport the corpses and bury them.  Did we have?  No.  Did we ask other Chinese to help us - saying "would you please help us dump the dead while you are still living?  No.


What else do I have to say?


If you believe what Japan bashers say, you are like JFK conspiracy theorist.  Please don't.


So, why did we fight?  Why did Japan fight the United States of America?  Well, we didn't start it.  The USA started it.  Why?  Because FDR was a communist or at least a communist sympathizer.


Japan was Joseph McCarthy plus Goldwater plus Reagan in a sense that we knew the threat of communism and acted on it. 


Nikolayevsk Incident.  1920 March.  700 legitimate Japanese residents (and more Anti-Bolshevik Russians) in Nikolayevsk in Russia was butchered in way far more horrific than what Ann Coulter described what Jacobins did in her book "Demonic" by Bolsheviks.  Japanese people were on fire.  We learned who they were.


Tongzhou Incident.  1937 July.  230 Japanese civilians and soldiers (110 of them) were killed in a similar way as above incident by Chinese communists.  We learned once again who they were. 


Japan's war fighting purpose in China was for self defense.  In order to defend ourselves, we needed to fight communism.  Nationalist Party (Chiang Kai Shek) was infiltrated and controlled by communists.  Therefore, we needed to fight both. 


FDR helped communist fight us with ammunition supply.  Therefore, before we go on Pearl Harbor, USA had already initiated attack on us.  FDR cut our all the supply lines of oil and industrial raw materials.  During the negotiation, FDR gave us final ultimatum called "Hull Note".  It was authored by Harry Dexter White.  The Hull Note was in a way a declaration of war.


Harry Dexter White, a senior US treasury department official under FDR was convicted communist, as Ann Coulter explains in her book "Demonic".  We believe he received direct order from Stalin to maneuver FDR towards fighting Japan.  Why?   Because it makes sense.


Let me be clear.  It was FDR's fault.  We didn't want it.  FDR wanted.  Stalin wanted.  Churchill wanted (to drag US into the war to save themselves from Hitler).  I don't blame Churchill.  I blame FDR and Stalin.


After the war, Asia was ravaged by communism.  A lot of innocent died.  Why?   Because FDR fought us who were fighting them.


FDR is responsible for all the dead - American solders, Japanese solders, Japanese civilians, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.


Japan was right.  Japan has never been evil.  Saying Japan was evil is silly.  Comparing Germany and Japan is stupid.  Lecturing Japan on the war is cruel, inhumane and immoral.


Please consider. 


Aside from the above mentioned minor difference, I always enjoy your show.  Thank you for your service and Gob Bless. 




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