Fallacy of Equalizing Japan and Nazi Germany - A message to Dennis Prager

  • 2011.07.14 Thursday
  • 21:55

Dear Dennis,


Your show is great, because you choose important topics and you comment on each topic with wisdom and moral clarity.


Your comment on June 30, hour two, however, struck my nerve so hard, that I need to add one more P.S.


You equalize Japan with Nazi Germany. You say Germans have dealt with their past and learned what they learned and grew up to be a better people.  You say Japanese hasn't. 


War is a killing business.   But, it is not a crime.  International law says, in a war, the fighting country must make its soldiers wear distinguishable uniform and hang guns outside (not hidden inside).  The purpose of the law is to get soldiers distinguished from civilians, thereby enabling its enemy to recognize soldiers and avoid shooting civilians.


Mixing with civilians in plain clothes and shooting from among them either in order to make it difficult morally for its enemy to shoot back or to deliberately make civilian casualty on their side to demonize its enemy is illegal.  This is, by the way, the tactic used by Palestinians against Israel.


1) Killing a person, no matter what the victim's occupation is, in peace time is called Murder.  Murder is illegal and a crime.


2) Killing soldiers in a war is called an Act of War.  It's a nation's right to wage a war. 


3) Killing civilians in a war by mistake is called Civilian Casualty and it's a tragedy, but not a crime. 


4) Killing civilians in a war by design (= intentionally) is called Atrocity and it's tragic, illegal and crime.


I hope a wise person such as Dennis Prager can distinguish the above four.


Nazi Germany's crime is Holocaust.  Holocaust was a program to kill millions of civilians who happened to be of Jewish origin. Holocaust is 1). 


Stalin killed 10,000,000 with his communist policy.  What Stalin did is also 1). 


Japan fought China, US, Brits, Dutch, New Zealander, Australians and Soviets - 2) and could be some 3).  Japan, as you know, were not a rich country at that time, so our treatment of POW could be less accommodating than Ritz Carlton.


Atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Killing 210,000 of civilians.  Done by the United States of America. 


Carpet bombing in Tokyo - Killing 80,000 of civilians in horrendous fire. Done by the United States of America. 


Those were intentional killing of civilians during war time, so should be categorized as 4), therefore should be called Atrocity.


Some Americans reason the act of horrendous crime by saying "It ended the war" or "It helped stop further casualty".  If "Ending a War" is enough reasoning to commit Atrocity, then there is no argument against using all means available, including guerilla warfare, toxic gas and high-jacking, as every country fight, when it's in a war, to end the war.  Therefore, it is a broken logic.


Nazi Germany, USSR, USA committed crime against humanity.  This is the fact the you will never deal with.  I don't expect you to be apologetic about it.  It is your duty, as a patriotic prominent American, to white-wash your history to glorify it.  But, when you go on bashing Japan for its moral standing on the way it waged war during WWII, you are crossing the line.  Especially having such history of committing criminal act as a country, the idea of having temerity to complain to Japan about its handling of history is absurd.  It is more than absurd.  It is an up-side down world.


So, this is what I finally want to say. 


Could you please kindly Stay Out.  Thank You.


Anyway, I appreciate that you are giving out your show for free (US$6/Month for PragerTopia is almost free).  You are giving me so much.  I hope this time I gave a little bit back to you.  I don't intend to be hostile to you.  Your remark struck my nerve just a little bit.  Thank you for your service and God Bless.




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