Historic Election Day

  • 2010.11.02 Tuesday
  • 07:09

Today is an important day for America.  It is not only important for America, but for all of us in the world who cherish liberty.  It will be a turning point of history.


I pray for conservative  victory.  It is crucial that they win.  These conservative candidates and tea partiers are the counter force against leftism that have destroyed their society. 

中国 反日デモ

  • 2010.09.22 Wednesday
  • 09:41

中国政府は反日デモを抑えたことを日本に対する好意であり、日本はこのタイミングを逃さず犯罪人の船長を解放すべきと言っている。 これは中国政府特有の言い回しであり、日本政府はこんな出まかせに乗ってはいけない。 当たり前のことだが、中国ではいかなる集会も政府の許可を得て初めて可能となる。 自然発生的に人々が怒りに駆られてデモを起こすなどあり得ない。 中国政府にとっては人々がデモ活動で自分の意思を声高く主張することに慣れるのが一番怖い。 



東シナ海ガス田 - East China Sea Gas Field

  • 2010.09.22 Wednesday
  • 09:19

The reason why China made provocation in Senkaku is now clear.  It is one of their militaristic expansionist policies.  They want to push ahead exploration of gas fields that are on Japan-China border on East China Sea. 


Its existence was known since the late 1960’s.  Japan did not go on exploring the field unilaterally, because we (Japan) know international agreement.  According to the agreement, if the oil and gas are located across the border, relative countries should have right to the resources according to the ratio by which the country’s territory owns.  Since 2005, when it was discovered that China was secretly making surveillance of the fields within and out (therefore within our territory) their territory and working to build drilling equipment, this matter has been a disputed between Japan and China. 


Most of the gas is in Japan territory.  They don’t care.  What they want, they get it.   With force, if necessary.  With intimidation, if necessary.  It was all planned by the Chinese government from the start. 


They let innocent looking fishing boat intrude into our territory (Senkaku Island located south of the gas fields).  Let them crush into our coast guard ship.  Let us capture their men.  Japanese TV stations film footage of that situation and broadcast it on TV.  Chinese media records that broadcasting and let Chinese people see that on TV, over and over and over again.  Let them uproar and create crisis, setting up some road protest marches (only to the extent government can make sure they don’t turn themselves into anti-government protest).  By then the crisis has been elevated into diplomatic warfare.  Chinese officially smear Japan (not China - surprisingly or naturally depending on perspective) as invader. 


“How dare you, Japan”.  “You were invader before and you are now”. 


Now what?  They got strong domestic backing to go ahead with the exploration of the gas fields. 


“Japan is once again an invader.  They capture our southern island of Senkaku (they call it Diaoyu).  They are trying to take our natural resources.  This is an act of self-defense against invasion of our country by Japan”.  


This is an act of war by China against Japan.  Should we go to real battle?  Can we?  Do we have strength and guts?  How about America?  I don’t know.  China got the vote.  As always the case of the war, aggressor got the vote.


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